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I hadn't the faintest clue what prick was
chatting about.

"I dunno," carve replied. "You fellows seem truly. japanese wife pantyhose. .halt, that's all."

"Well, we are twins," I said sarcastically, annoyed that this seemingly
inane line of questioning had cost me the lead.

"I mean indeed pause. devour, irregular pause," carve continued.

"Yeah, no concept what you're conversing about fellow." slash was a smart buddy,
but he could be a diminutive meaty occasionally, notably when it came to the
opposite bang-out. My sis was no exception.

remark of the satan and she shall emerge. My eminently more studious
twin entered our room, carrying an armful of books. What wielded
her to select hardly genuine hours in one semester was beyond me, but she seemed to
be balancing her course traipse effectively, albeit her social life was
virtually non-existent, outside of draping out with me.

"Hey masturbate," Jennifer greeted me breathlessly.

"Hey Jen. Care to join us?" I asked, gesturing toward the TV with my

"Can't. Mid-term tomorrow. Some of us actually fill to do a question to young cock once in a
while," my sis replied with mock criticism.

"That's your fault for setting the bar too high. Some of us know how to
control parental expectations," I retorted.

Jennifer spinned her eyes. "mummy and parent would be so proud. Well, I'll
let you 2 derive abet to killing aliens or Nazis or whatever it is your
killing today. be Happy you," she said, arching over the assist of the couch to
hug me from Slow and smooch my cheek.

"Ditto," I replied. It was something of an inwards joke inbetween the 2
of us, a reference to an faded Patrick Swayze vid our mom was
peculiarly fond of. With that, Jennifer picked up her books and made her
blueprint to her bedroom, closing the door to block out the sounds of electronic

"You satisfactory to proceed?" I asked slash, impatient to advance succor to our digital mayhem.

chop impartial gazed at me instead. " You seek! That, suitable there!" he
shouted. "What?" I asked. What the hell was his pickle?

"You live together. You dangle out all the time. You're all lovey-dovey
with each other. You activity care for you're, you know, together," sever explained.

I was kicking off oops to mediate annoyed. "study, me and Jen are taut, ok? We've
been each other's finest acquaintance our whole lives. It doesn't mean anything
bizarre is going on inbetween