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    Unlimited Energy’s Energy Audits

Welcome to Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Energy (UE) is a research and strategy consultancy focusing on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) and the resulting impacts and benefits for the public and private sectors. A key focus area is public policy research and analysis. The company uses both qualitative and quantitative methods, including case studies, survey research and focus groups among others. UE is contracted regularly by international agencies, such as the UNDP, GIZ and KfW (Germany), IEEJ (Japan), SDC and SECO (Switzerland) and LBNL (USA). UE is also active in the private sector and has been used by listed and privately owned companies to gain insight on government policy relating to EE and RE.

UE was formed in 2007 with the understanding that there is growing pressure on companies to operate sustainably, taking into account social, environmental and financial performance, the so-called Triple Bottom Line principles. Key issues around the environmental component are how a company meets the challenges of climate change, energy demand and energy security and how this is transformed into a sustainable competitive advantage.

UE will help your company take advantage of the opportunities within these challenges, thereby improving on your productivity, quality of service and ultimately your financial performance. 




Energy Audits




In South Africa we rely almost exclusively on dirty fuels like coal to produce electricity. This intensive use of non-renewable resources is polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and scarring our landscape. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the next generation enjoys the benefits of our beautiful country. Making the transition to include an environmentally sustainable business model is easier than you think and it can save your organisation money, increase self-sufficiency without compromising your company’s productivity.